Hello Again!

It has been a while... It has actually been a really long while...

Between moving house, renovating, working, travelling I have totally and utterly neglected my little blog and my cooking as well! I know excuses, excuses, excuses...

I see you Nigella... and Donna...

So from today no more excuses... I am still collecting my cookbooks and I am still sort of cooking... The cooking is mainly quite uninspiring tried and true recipes that I can do with my eyes shut.  My old kitchen had no bench space and I like to spread out when cooking, it was crammed and dark so it offered no inspiration for me to spend time in there much less do more complex food. This time round though my cooking will be done in my newly renovated absolutely gorgeous kitchen. I have changed the style, I have gone for a shaker style kitchen with plenty of drawers and again I have purchased a free standing Ilve oven cause I have been so happy with it in the past. I am having a photo shoot soon and I will be able to show you my kitchen properly!

my ever faithful KitchenAid mixer

Just so you can understand  how much I  love my cookbooks,  I have actually had a custom designed bookcase/pantry installed just to house my over growing  collection.  You see my faves are still there, some have been put inside the cupboards whilst some new additions have been added.

I can't tell you how much this cupboard hold!

Some of my new faves are Rachel Khoo's "My Little French Kitchen" and "The Little Paris Kitchen".  Yes I have recently been to Paris and yes am totally feeling the after effects... Three kilos to be precise! Her travels through the French countryside and all the regions is beautiful... The photography dreamy.

My dream would be to have this ladies job!

My next recipe will come  from one of Rachel's books... in the mean time let me know if there are any cookbooks out there that I should add to the collection and if there are any recipes you want me to try out!

Chat soon!



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