My Recipe - Berry Dessert!

I was helping my cousin on Christmas Eve with Christmas Day preparations.  You see she was hosting 40 people and most are Greek so you can imagine the food intake! Staggering!

I was assigned to chopping (don't get the kitchenaid ceramic knifes... That's worthy of another blogpost! Just don't!) and making a couple of desserts.

One I always to this time of the year or in any other special occasion is my mixed berries dessert.  It's adult, very visually appealing, delicious and ridiculously easy!


2 x punnets of raspberries
2 x punnets of strawberries
2 x punnets of blueberries
2 x punnets of blackberries
2 x tablespoons of icing sugar
1 1/2 cups of Cointreau 
Cream or Ice Cream to serve


Wash all ingredients, cut strawberries in half and place all ingredients in the bowl which you will serve.

Pour the icing sugar over the berries and then the Cointreau and with a big serving spoon very gently slight mix (you don't want to bruise or squash the berries). Cover with Gladwrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.  I generally leave overnight.

I would serve it with thick cream or ice cream!

That's it! Easy! Decadent! Delicious!




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