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I come from a family of great cooks.  My mum, my aunts, my grandmother... all amazing cooks!  Growing up my family resembled a scene from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", whether you were hungry or not, you ate and you ate well.  You ate good wholesome food, nothing was pre-prepared, mostly organic from the garden, even before organic was fashionable, good quality non-processed "wog" food!

Tomato, Feta & Red Onion Salad!

Let me start by telling you a little bit about me... my name is Helen, I am a business owner, mum, wife and the one and only person in my family that does all the cooking!  I love cooking, travelling, reading and decorating.  And I collect cookbooks! You know how people collect teaspoons or Royal Doulton figurines or elephants, well I collect cookbooks!  My criteria is easy, Mediterranean and from chefs that I like or find interesting!  I don't like chefs that use a million ingredients and over complicated recipes and the thing I like the most is fresh, clean, seasonal food!  Believe me there are a lot of chefs out there that have the same likes as me hence me having so many cookbooks.  Nigella, Bill Granger, Jamie Oliver, Guy Rossi, Karen Martini to name a few...

A very small sample of my cookbooks!

So instead of having my cookbooks on the shelf or displayed on my coffee table,  I decided to start this blog and cook from my collection of books.  I will give you an honest account to the difficulty factor of the recipe, how it tastes and images of both how it looks in the book and how I present it!  Yikes its quite scary!

In the meantime I will be buying new books and give you my feedback on them... Oh I forgot to mention I love buying anything kitchenie... platters, cake stands, mixers (Kitchen Aid of course!)

My trusty Kitchen Aid Mixer... love!

I will share the love on all things kitchen and food!

Hope you can join me along the way!



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