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My Recipe - Mother Mary's meatballs with sauce

My mother was an amazing cook.  Seriously speaking, she was great.  There was always food in the fridge, and even when there wasn’t any, within minutes of someone saying they are hungry, hot fried potatoes or rice pudding or some yummy cutlets would magically appear.  I don’t know how she did it but cooking was something she did effortlessly and ever so easily. When my mum got sick, I tried to get her recipes for some of her best meals and desserts.  I had to do it in a very subtle way as she kept saying ” Eh we will a lifetime of cooking together…” Unfortunately that lifetime was a short few months and lucky I managed to observe her while she cooked her delicious food. A favourite of mine was my mums meatballs.  There have been the core of many recipes and variations.  One of these are these is with an easy tomato sauce.
Ingredients for Meatballs 1 kilo beef mince 4 slices of stale bread soaked in milk 1 onion (large) super finely chopped, 1 egg 1/2 tablespoon Olive Oil 1 tablespoon White …

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